tirsdag 20. november 2012



Authored by Caroline Olsen
Cover design or artwork by Lanny Suhandy

‘Snow’ is the story about Maaya, a teenage boy from Tokyo.
Intelligent, kind and compassionate, with bright pink hair, this artistic boy is already well-known by those around him, engaged in politics as well as art and eccentric in his own way.
He’s always been different, and is fairly calm about it when he at 16 comes out and reveals that he’s gay.
Though he himself has no problem admitting to it and accepting it – there are others who aren’t as approving. And perhaps he wasn’t prepared for the consequences?
Maybe he lacked the cynical abilities to see that people would be bothered by who and what he was?
Through his best friend Atsushi’s retrospective, Maaya’s story is told, from the day he first came out; to his first love and heartbreak, and up to the moment where it all ended. In the worst way anyone could’ve imagined.
And then of course…there was Aki, an obnoxious, rude and enigmatic fifteen year old who brought out both contradictive feelings and empathy in Maaya.”

Snow is on of my favorite books of all times(and I've read a quite a few ones!). It captivates me, drags me along each page and won't let my mind rest before I've read the last words.. The first time I read the book, I was so engulfed into it that I simply couldn't put the book away!
My teacher even asked me if I had a problem at home since I didn't wanna put the book away! My answer was quite simply actually, I just love reading this book.

The book starts by Atsushi's telling and by the first little chapter, you're hooked. As I really don't wanna spoil anything, I won't:D

It's just a bit difficult telling you all how awesome the book is without saying anything, you know, about the amazing plot! As a bisexual, I really felt home with Maaya(as he's gay) and his heartbrakes as well. This story is so well told that it grips your heart and you feel yourself laughing with Maaya and Aki, crying alongside the heartbroken Maaya and you even feel the anger boiling when certain other things happen(shant spoil!).

And the end.. It hits you hard. Both because the book is over and you're sitting there like "what am I supposed to do with my life now?" and because Caroline has managed throughout this book make you feel home in the character.. This silly little Maaya who wants to follow his dreams even though the road there is hard.

And Aki, the little brat, who's story is also important(though I feel sometimes people forget that). With his family and all(again, no spoilers..), how it's like this with kids and how they hide in plain sight almost.. (I guess that made no sense, but I mean, people in his situation... Again, I'm trying not to spoil here!!!) It breaks my heart as well as it sometimes gives me a headache how he behave:P

All in all, the turning plot in this book will send you heartbroken, with a headache from all the tears you've cried and asking yourself why not anyone else is feeling the same way you do(they haven't read the book yet!!). All I can say is READ THE GODDAMN BOOK!! Join me in my misery! And the wait for Jaded!

But like seriously, Caroline Olsen, you are a master at captivating feelings and making us readers feel all horrible and wibbly wobbly with tears streaming out of our eyes as we read your masterwork!!