tirsdag 20. november 2012



Authored by Caroline Olsen
Cover design or artwork by Lanny Suhandy

‘Snow’ is the story about Maaya, a teenage boy from Tokyo.
Intelligent, kind and compassionate, with bright pink hair, this artistic boy is already well-known by those around him, engaged in politics as well as art and eccentric in his own way.
He’s always been different, and is fairly calm about it when he at 16 comes out and reveals that he’s gay.
Though he himself has no problem admitting to it and accepting it – there are others who aren’t as approving. And perhaps he wasn’t prepared for the consequences?
Maybe he lacked the cynical abilities to see that people would be bothered by who and what he was?
Through his best friend Atsushi’s retrospective, Maaya’s story is told, from the day he first came out; to his first love and heartbreak, and up to the moment where it all ended. In the worst way anyone could’ve imagined.
And then of course…there was Aki, an obnoxious, rude and enigmatic fifteen year old who brought out both contradictive feelings and empathy in Maaya.”

Snow is on of my favorite books of all times(and I've read a quite a few ones!). It captivates me, drags me along each page and won't let my mind rest before I've read the last words.. The first time I read the book, I was so engulfed into it that I simply couldn't put the book away!
My teacher even asked me if I had a problem at home since I didn't wanna put the book away! My answer was quite simply actually, I just love reading this book.

The book starts by Atsushi's telling and by the first little chapter, you're hooked. As I really don't wanna spoil anything, I won't:D

It's just a bit difficult telling you all how awesome the book is without saying anything, you know, about the amazing plot! As a bisexual, I really felt home with Maaya(as he's gay) and his heartbrakes as well. This story is so well told that it grips your heart and you feel yourself laughing with Maaya and Aki, crying alongside the heartbroken Maaya and you even feel the anger boiling when certain other things happen(shant spoil!).

And the end.. It hits you hard. Both because the book is over and you're sitting there like "what am I supposed to do with my life now?" and because Caroline has managed throughout this book make you feel home in the character.. This silly little Maaya who wants to follow his dreams even though the road there is hard.

And Aki, the little brat, who's story is also important(though I feel sometimes people forget that). With his family and all(again, no spoilers..), how it's like this with kids and how they hide in plain sight almost.. (I guess that made no sense, but I mean, people in his situation... Again, I'm trying not to spoil here!!!) It breaks my heart as well as it sometimes gives me a headache how he behave:P

All in all, the turning plot in this book will send you heartbroken, with a headache from all the tears you've cried and asking yourself why not anyone else is feeling the same way you do(they haven't read the book yet!!). All I can say is READ THE GODDAMN BOOK!! Join me in my misery! And the wait for Jaded!

But like seriously, Caroline Olsen, you are a master at captivating feelings and making us readers feel all horrible and wibbly wobbly with tears streaming out of our eyes as we read your masterwork!!

torsdag 2. august 2012

Australia and NCC at NärCon!

Hey'all! It was this time again, where I mysteriously write an entry to this thing and since I've been so lazy, you guys will get a lot!
(Because I'm so awesome, y'know!) Yeah not!

Oh well, I can gladly inform you guys that I've finished high school and that I will be attending Swansea Metropolitan University from fall off in England. It will be fab and wonderstrück at the same time I guess XD
My major will be contemporary jewelry and if I'm lucky AND APPLY EARLY THIS TIME I will attend my dreamschool next year*crosses fingers*.

So yes, that was all I had to say about that:3
But yes, I have had a little vacation and this year it went to see my sister in Australia! This was my second time down under and the first time I took the plane alone *forever aloneT_T*.
It went surprisingly well, taking three planes down and up(6 altogether) on 30 hours each. I was dead tired though when arriving and coming home, but it was worth it. I saw a lot of shit, I bought a lot of shit, I took pictures of a lot of shit and now I'll share my shit with you!!

Me and my sister with Daffy!!

Belgian waffles by the bald man! 
Finally got the chance to eat at Max Brenner = chocolate house:D

Proof of me being in Sidney!


And a pwetty little flower. 'Cause I can:F

The coolest wall ever right next to Chinatown!

Someone who came to see us back in Brisbane! 


And yes, I'm like superboring and forgot to charge my camera and all, so I did little of picturetaking. And there's a bunch of crappy things like trees and buildings and... Me posing awkwardly into the camera^^"

And that was my two week long vacation! I bought myself the Masters sonic laserscrewdriver though! It's so awesome and it's almost out of batteries XD

But yes, NCC! Wanna know what it is? It's the Nordic Cosplay Championship that was held for the first time at NärCon in Sweden, Linköping. Grethe B asked me if I wanted to be the fourth representant a little while ago(since I'm lazy I never mentioned it here......) and I have been superstocked ever since. After coming back from Australia I had about a week to complete my Esther Blanchett costume which has now 45.000 embroided(I know it's spelt wrong, ok!?!) pearls on it. I freaking hate this costume and yet I love it. So much hard work and it's the most expensive costume I've ever done, but I feel it's somehow worth it. Got so many compliments for it(THANK YOU GUYS!! YOU MAKE ME CRY!!) and many thumbs up, so it was worth it. The NCC was won by Rakel from Norway*yaay* and the second place was given to Josefine from Sweden *yaaay*. You guys were so awesome!! Unfortunately, my camera SUCK at indoor photographing, so most of the picture my lovely companion took are all blurry D:
And yes!! I have to mention that Teddy and Elise were THE BEST HELPERS EVER! You guys ran around getting me stuff and helping me and even fixed my make-up when I began to cry! *Yes, I'm so Fluttershy I cry*
And Maja and Pål and those sweet sweet swedish personnel people who all were there asking if I needed anything! You guys are so sweet!! Even the photographer was so sweet! NärCon is definitely the best convention I have ever been to!

We did MLP(My little pony) on roller-skates(My mac changes everything. I'm not allowed to write it correct-.-"). It was fun and really chill since it was so goddamn warm! You swedes have such hot weather! Not even Australia had this heat! (But yeah, it's like winter time down there). 
We also did AssCreed on friday and just... Weirdly stuff else.. XD

I probably forgot to mention something, but who cares!?! I don't XD
So here's a few pictures of the oh-so-few-pictures I took!

MLP on roller-skates in the local food store:D

And this is what happens when I decide to do a barrel roll on stones(I don't even know what kind of ground it was). It hurts. A lot. And my costume actually fell to pieces.. :F

Teddys Doctore mask and hat. I steal and become le bird~~

Because yes, I'm going to take on of the trench-coats from work and make myself a Castiel cosplay. From behind guys, not from like, front view!


The only photo where I don't look like a retard XD

Elise grew a special bond with Aslan(Aslak) at NärCon. This shows it so much!

And here's the winner of the NCC!

Lina!! So cute and wonderful!!
She even helped me rehears my lines!! 

Grethe B in her jamazing Barioth armor!

Martine(the other one) cosplayed from the same anime as me, Trinity Blood. Look at her wonderful Seth Nightroad costume!! It has so freakishly many details and is just so.. Soo.. Inhuman. We are all monsters in this competition. You're too good, girl!

From Sweden! (Sorry!! I forgot your name :( )

Rakel again! The only picture that wasn't blurry. You can't move that fast, gurl! My camera is really bad and needs time to take a picture y'know!

And yes, not many pictures, but these are the non-blurry, non-awkward-faces pictures. It was a really wonderful and magical weekend where we all grew into ninjatomatoes and fought of the evil squirrels together with Bruce Lee! No. 
But it really was a wonderful weekend  and I would gladly do it again. Got to meet so many fantastic people and shitload of jamazing cosplayers! You guys are monsters when it comes to making stuff!!! 

So to wrap this entry up, I am so going to learn how to play Toccata by Johan Sebastian Bach.
And should I also do a fb page since like, everyone else does it too? That way, strangers I don't know who adds me on face(why do you guys do that??) can instead see all the stuff I make, right? I don't know.. Bleh..

tirsdag 27. mars 2012

Videvlog time!

I completely forgot to tell you about the Kaizers concert, Sonny, Cabaret and all that! Christ!
Well, the concert = AMAZING!! We waited in line from 15:30 and the doors opened at 20:00, so a lot of waiting, but it was totally worth it!
Sonny = AMAZING! I love it!
Cabaret = Meeh.. I really don't have any opinion on that<_<

So, enjoy me talking utterly nonsense!!

onsdag 7. mars 2012

Tough mornings

You all will once in your life have it. That one morning where it's hard.

It was hard taking a shower today, 'cause I'm a bit drowsy after yesterdays talk with my honey. We managed to sort out a bit of problems, which is good. One step forward and we still have a many thousand more to go.

So now I'm sitting with my cup(where there is the letter I on it, just for me!) and my breakfast, which consist of bread with Nugatti on. I'm such a child, I know!

Last Wednesday there were the Kaizers concert which was magnifiqué!

And the following days, I'm cupped with homework and cosplaymaking. And of course, the challenge. I am to write a fanfic involving a little bit of smut in it. Actually a whole lot of it, but hush!, quiet!

Aah! Almost forgot, I've gotten my russe-things! So, come all you people and beg, not once, but twice(*insertevillaughter*) for my cards!!

But it's still a hard morning. So, good morning to all of you and have a happy day today!

torsdag 23. februar 2012

Video time!

Being a complete nutcase in this one, for yours truly~
Talking in english because I can.. And because I've told my DeviantArt followers to peep in here.. So, just making sure they understand /something/ :D

Enjoy the nutcase..^^"

Mhm, så jah.. Mitt liv er litt kjedelig, jeg hopper stadig tilbake til å snakke om Sherlock(Oh. My. GAWD altså.. Var mye her jeg måtte ta bort!). Huge spoilers, always.
Sonny, Kaizers neste uke, Cabaret på skolen, sove lenge og aldri klare å komme seg opp til den tia jeg skal(damn you, klokka 10!!), hva jeg burde gjøre og ikke gjøre er hvertfall ikke nevnt i denne videoen. Okay da, kanskje litt.


søndag 5. februar 2012

Be careful what you wish for

Har blitt ferdig med min Sherlock Holmes periode, er desverre inne i Kaizers Orchestra perioden. Igjen.
Akk og ve for de rundt meg.. Jaja:]

I det siste har ting gått rundt for meg her..
Blitt utbrent over alt kjøret på skolen og den idiotiske forestillingen vi setter opp. Helt latterlig! Men uansett, what can I do? Tydeligvis legge meg absolutt flat og slikke ryggen til djevelens dirigent.

Hva gjør jeg for øyeblikket?

Sitter på loftet med Be careful what you wish for av Unkle Deadly på repeat og lager mønster for SoraCon cosplayet mitt. Jeg har av en bisarr grunn valgt meg Esther Blanchett. IGJEN.
Hva går av meg? Men uansett, ikke den idiotisk svære kjolen nei, dette er nonneuniformen hennes. Tenk, meg og religion:]

Dette blir et litt tullete innlegg, for jeg har i lang tid tenkt meg at jeg må blogge igjen. Så blogging skal skje, så da blir det litt tullete iblant. Som dette!

Høre nyttårsforsettene mine?
1. Begynne å spise frokost!
2. Kjøpe meg en megafon
3. Jeg har glemt resten:]

For ja, jeg har kjøpt meg en megafon. Den er bråkete og jeg elsker den.