onsdag 7. mars 2012

Tough mornings

You all will once in your life have it. That one morning where it's hard.

It was hard taking a shower today, 'cause I'm a bit drowsy after yesterdays talk with my honey. We managed to sort out a bit of problems, which is good. One step forward and we still have a many thousand more to go.

So now I'm sitting with my cup(where there is the letter I on it, just for me!) and my breakfast, which consist of bread with Nugatti on. I'm such a child, I know!

Last Wednesday there were the Kaizers concert which was magnifiqué!

And the following days, I'm cupped with homework and cosplaymaking. And of course, the challenge. I am to write a fanfic involving a little bit of smut in it. Actually a whole lot of it, but hush!, quiet!

Aah! Almost forgot, I've gotten my russe-things! So, come all you people and beg, not once, but twice(*insertevillaughter*) for my cards!!

But it's still a hard morning. So, good morning to all of you and have a happy day today!

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